Tantraloka Ch.1 Satsang with Dr. Mark Dyczkowski

Trident3We had a rare opportunity and treat last Sunday, March 9th. A very uplifting Satsang with Dr. Mark Dyczkowski.

There was a full blown power outage in Varanasi. It was late in the night in India (~11P). Markji’s family was about to travel the following day. In spite of all these challenges, Markji was kind to spend over an hour addressing a dozen of students spread across the world via a telephone line.

Fortunately, we were able to record the session and for the benefit of all, we are delighted to share them in this post. A warm thank you to all who joined and also to folks who sent questions in advance. And on behalf of this Kula, our small group, we’d also like to thank the students who purchased Chapter 1 and made financial contributions. While we consider this as a service, the contributions help us help you and the humanity.

The satsang itself can be broadly categorized in three inter-threaded topical areas (1) About the course in general (2) Harmonizing understanding and practice (3) Mantras – specifically Sauh and SoHam and (4) Morality in Trika context and other traditions. Finally, the participants also shared their perspectives on the course with Markji. Without further ado, here are the recordings for your personal reflection only.

1. Course in general  -> downloadv5

2. Harmonizing understanding and practice  -> downloadv5

3. On Mantras – Sauh and SoHam -> downloadv5

4. Moral codex in Trika  -> downloadv5

5. Students’ comments  -> downloadv5



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