Vijñānabhairava History and Context

Welcome to the Anuttara Trika Kula Course on Vijnaana Bhairava History and Context

Course Overview:

This is additional course materials to existing Vijnaana Bhairava course. This is helpful for students interested in broader overview of the historical context and the history of ideas that lead to the Vijnaana Bhairava Tantra.

The Vijñānabhairava – the Bhairava of Consciousness – declares itself to be, as does the Parātrīśika, a Trika teaching preserved in the Rudrayāmala. The Śaiva Tantras as a whole are predominantly concerned with ritual. Even the forms of Yoga they do teach often appear in the context of ritual performance. The Vijñānabhairava is a very unusual Tantra because it is entirely concerned with meditation.

In this course, Dr. Dyczkowski elaborates the study of consciousness in India as it developed prior to Abhinava and provides a solid grounding and context for the Vijñānabhairava Course.

Course Price: $10 for 4 audio files, each running between one and a half and two hours in length.