Welcome to the Anuttara Trika Kula Home Study Program course on the Vijñānabhairava.


The Vijñānabhairava – the Bhairava of Consciousness – declares itself to be, as does the Parātrīśika, a Trika teaching preserved in the Rudrayāmala. The Śaiva Tantras as a whole are predominantly concerned with ritual. Even the forms of Yoga they do teach often appear in the context of ritual performance. The Vijñānabhairava is a very unusual Tantra because it is entirely concerned with meditation. It does not ignore ritual but recognizes that the worshipper, the deity and worship itself are all the one reality (VB 153). The meditations taught of the Vijñānabhairava remind us of those of the Buddhist Mahāmudrā, the Bon Dzogchen and the Kaula Kālī Krama, all of which teach that reality is one dynamic consciousness engaged in generating and perceiving the universe of the forms of its own inscrutable emptiness. They all preach, in the context of their own traditions, that ritual is not essential and the way to realization through empowered meditative practice.



Course Price: $50 for 11 audio files, each between one and a half and two hours in length.


In this course Dr. Dyczkowski explains the various meditation techniques taught in the text, grouping them by theme (breath, void etc.) and providing examples, context, and additional explanation.

Course materials:

  • 2 PDFs with Mark Dyczkowski’s own translation: One with the classical order of the verses, and one in which the verses / techniques are grouped by theme (breath, void etc.).
  • Audio links—downloadable.
  • Facebook Support Group: Once you have registered for the course and downloaded the materials, you will be added to a private Facebook “ATK Home Study Support” group. We will email you to let you know that this has been done. This Facebook group is the forum for discussion, sharing, questions, and satsang for Anuttara Trika Kula home study courses. This group is meant to be a nurturing, safe, uplifting and stimulating space for seekers of all levels and backgrounds who are sharing in the course to support and learn from each other. Please keep posts positive and open-hearted.
  • Email support: If you have questions of a more personal or individualized nature, concerns about the course, or complex intellectual questions that go beyond the scope of the Facebook group, please email, and we will respond to your question confidentially and appropriately. For more advanced intellectual or content-related matters, we will forward your question to Dr. Dyckzowski to respond to you directly.We hope you will enjoy the course and that you will join us for more as we go forward.

Course Price: $50 for 11 audio files



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