Shiva Sutras

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SSUThis course provides a deep introduction to the philosophy, practice and audio explication of Dr. Mark Dyczkowski’s translation of The Shiva Sutras, The Aphorisms of Sivawhich was originally published by SUNY Press in 1992.  Dr. Dyczkowski goes through each of the 3 sections in detail verse by verse over 60 lectures, providing contextual and comparative explanations of three translations (Kshemaraja, Bhaskara and an anonymous translator).  Dr. Dyczkowski systematically unpacks this sophisticated integrative work into its components and offers detailed explanation. This is a perfect serious introduction to the world of Kashmir Shaivism, and provides a good spiritual grounding to engage in the more advanced course offerings on our site, such as the Tantrāloka Home Study Course. This is a great addition to build on top of The Doctrine of Vibration Course.

Here is a short 15 minute introduction to the text and some context

Information on content and pricing:

Section              DescriptionPriceBuy
Section 117 lessons covering Shiva Sutras Section 1, including 13 page introductory chapter to Shiva Sutras (extracted from Dr. Dyczkowski’s book, The Aphorisms of Siva )50$button1up
Section 2Coming soon!
Section 3Coming soon!

Course Materials:

  • 13 page introductory chapter to Shiva Sutras (extracted from Dr. Dyczkowski’s book, The Aphorisms of Siva )
  • Totally 60+ audio files covering all the sutras separately labeled ranging from 1 to 1.45 hours each. ~100 hours of exposition (please note that this number concerns the total amount of files covering all three sections. The courses on section 2 and 3 will soon be put up).
  • Facebook Support Group:  Once you have registered for the course and downloaded the materials, you can choose to add yourself to a private Facebook “ATK Home Study Course Support” group by sending email request to This Facebook group is the forum for discussion, sharing, questions, and satsang for Anuttara Trika Kula home study courses.  This group is meant to be a nurturing, safe, uplifting and stimulating space for seekers of all levels and backgrounds who are sharing in the course to support and learn from each other.  Please keep posts positive and open-hearted.
  •  Email support: If you have questions of a more personal or individualized nature, concerns about the course, or complex intellectual questions that go beyond the scope of the Facebook group, please email, and we will respond to your question confidentially and appropriately.  For more advanced intellectual or content-related matters, we will forward your question to Dr. Dyckzowski to respond to you directly.  We hope you will enjoy the course and that you will join us for more as we go forward.