Drinking The Nectar of Tantrāloka

Tantrāloka is a dream come true, a cave of gems, a wish-fulfilling cow.  For a thirsty seeker after truth who is mad with love for Lord Shiva and his magnificent Śakti shining as this world, this is Lake Manassarovar.  How foolish not to take a dip, to drink deeply of this draught that has been proffered by one of the greatest spiritual minds of all time.  This exquisite palace of gems, illuminating every corner of Hindu philosophy with overwhelming light, dripping with the rasa of the bliss of full awareness, and pulsating with radiant love, has been hidden for a thousand years.  Somehow at this moment, after decades of toil and devotion by a great and humble soul, we have the amazing good fortune to hear and try to understand the sublime Ācārya Abhinavagupta’s teachings in our own language, conveniently in our own home, any time we wish, simply by pushing a few buttons on a screen.  What miracle is this!

Tantrāloka in 37 comprehensive chapters teaches the entire path of true devotion, recognition, and self-knowledge.  It instructs in the highest truth and offers direct guidance on how to attain self-realization through a multitude of paths, from which one can choose the most suitable.  From the structure of the universe to esoteric breathing practices, elaborate explanations of the Wheel of Time (Kālacakra), rapturous eulogies of the Divine Mother, profound and secret practices of visualization and meditation, complete instructions regarding initiations and ritual, the entire corpus of tantric mantras, enlightened reworking of Vedanta, Samkhya, and Shaiva Siddhanta philosophical schemes, married to the wild view of the Bhairava tantras; masterful explanations of kundalini, nadis, cakras, and all the magical path of “piercing,” to the truly thrilling mystical emanation of the cosmos through the energies of the Sanskrit alphabet; this is a work beyond any ever written in the field of yoga, tantra, and spirituality.

After 35 years and countless lifetimes of wandering and searching, like a scorched traveler in the desert of samsara, I arrive weeping tears of gratitude for the amrita of Abhinava’s profound teaching.  I touch the feet of Sadaashaya, Dr. Mark Dyckzowski, by whose selfless, uncompromising sacrifice this cup is now offered to the world.  I invite everyone who shares this thirst to join the Anuttara Trika Kula and enjoy the fruit of this toil.  This gift is being offered to each and every one of you as Lord Shiva and Śri Parā Devī, so that you may enjoy the marvelous play of awakening to your own unbounded, perfect, blissful nature.  Won’t you join us for this feast?

For more on how to participate in the Tantrāloka Home Study Program, please visit http://www.anuttaratrikakula.org/tantralokaoverview/.   To preregister for the first FREE lesson on Verse One, the opening of Tantrāloka, please email us at anuttaratrikakula12@gmail.com.  We look forward to sharing this adventure together with you.



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