Welcome to the Tantrāloka Home Study Program course on Tantrāloka Chapter Two.

This course covers all 50 verses of the second chapter of Abhinavagupta’s Tantrāloka in seven audio and video lessons.  This course is meant to follow the extensive Chapter One course, but may be taken independently.  For the background on this text and its relationship to the larger topic of Kashmir Shaivism, please see the Program Overview on this site.  You may also like to listen to the free course on Locating Trika, which provides historical overview.

Overview of Chapter Two:

The title of Chapter Two is “The Penetration into Ultimate Reality Devoid of Means.”  As indicated by the title, this short chapter elucidates the supreme experience of the divine in an immediate, total, and permanent manner, without the need of any method or technique.  Abhinavagupta explains what this intense form of initiation is, who is qualified for it, and what such a liberated person’s experience is like.

Course materials:

  • PDF of Chapter 2, translated by Dr. Mark Dyczkowski.  This PDF contains all 50 verses, printed in the original Sanskrit (both Devanagari script and transliterated to English), and English translation.
  • Streaming videos of Dr. Dyczkowski teachings.
  • Audio links—downloadable.
  • Facebook Support Group:  Once you have registered for the course and downloaded the materials, you will be added to a private Facebook “Tantrāloka Home Study Support” group.  We will email you to let you know that this has been done.  This Facebook group is the forum for discussion, sharing, questions, and satsang for each lesson.  This group is meant to be a nurturing, safe, uplifting and stimulating space for seekers of all levels and backgrounds who are sharing in the course to support and learn from each other.  Please keep posts positive and open-hearted.
  • Email support: If you have questions of a more personal or individualized nature, concerns about the course, or complex intellectual questions that go beyond the scope of the Facebook group, please email, and we will respond to your question confidentially and appropriately.  For more advanced intellectual or content-related matters, we will forward your question to Dr. Dyckzowski to respond to you directly.

We hope you will enjoy the course and that you will join us for more as we go forward.

Course Price:$30 for 7 audio and video lessons


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