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||Parameswara Swarupasya Om Sri Guruve Namaha. Sahasradala Padme||

“Abhinava begins the journey by developing a vessel of ritual – The experience of beauty. We experience the beauty of things through emotions. The deepest of all such emotions is sacred. This deep understanding comes from the vision of oneness as the outpouring of all things from Shiva’s infinite consciousness” – Dr. Mark Dyczkowski.

Trident3Who we are?

Anuttara Trika Kula is a small, close-knit group (“our Kula”) of seekers and practitioners dedicated to the profound, blissful and life-affirming teachings of Abhinavagupta within the broader context of Kashmiri Shaivism. Our kula has two aspirations: (1) To gain a solid scriptural understanding of the tenets of the tantras from Abhinava’s perspective. This will serve as a bedrock foundation for our practice (2) To develop and cultivate ongoing ritual and meditative practices that further transform and expand our consciousness and compassion. In accord with the scriptures our approach is guided by a True Master (Sadguru), (Master Swami Laksmanjoo) the Scriptures (Agama) (of Trika Saivism) and Sound Insight (Sattarka) based on a deep understanding of the teachings. We aspire to participate and commune in Lord Siva’s immanence and delight and continuously locate him in our daily experience – both mundane and transcendental.

Who is our inspiration?

Our kula is fortunate to have the support and guidance of Dr. Mark Dyczkowski, a loving teacher, guide and mentor steeped in traditional scholarship and practice. His 40 years living in the holy city of Benares, his profound knowledge of Sanskrit vyaakara.na, his ground-breaking research bringing to light many long-forgotten tantras, his devoted and intensive studies under various great masters and yogis, and his devotion to the practice of classical Indian music, all combine to provide us a unique perspective on the depths of Indian wisdom. Our kula continues and complements other contemporary schools focused on Asana practice and the grace of Shaktipat. In fact the vision of Kashmir Shaivism gave birth to these practices and concepts as they are known today. The supreme experience of the Guru’s true nature is the highest form of shaktipat. This is the sense of our devotion to our Gurus

 Our journey

Our kula’s primary focus is on the immanence of our experience. We value the “present” of  what is here now and what is presented before us. For those whose heart is pure, it is neither obscuring nor misleading.  This experience is its very life. It is the river of life flowing as a great celebration of nature through the awareness of senses of mind, the awareness of change of seasons, the awareness of planets and stars in the heavens. We believe, pray and seek to develop inner compassion through that celebration. This wonderful vision of the Vedas reaches out through the teachings of the Tantras as explained by our Kashmiri Masters.’

Our approach

Over the course of time, we aim to make several relevant works more widely accessible and available to aspirants of all levels. Many introductory and advanced articles, blog posts, audios, videos and music will be made available to spiritual seekers and scholars alike. Contact us if you’d like to support or be part of this journey.

You may start by reading the welcome article.


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